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Shadow Fight 3 Hack Tool

Shadow Fight 3 for Android is a rather interesting and fun RPG that has players fight various warriors in attempts to prove that they’re the best in the land. Of course, as many of you might have guessed that since the game is named Shadow Fight 3 hack tool, you undoubtedly control and fight against ninjas. Now, we know that the Ninja lifestyle may not be for everyone, so if you’re somewhat stuck in the game and just want a little help, simply follow some of our Shadow Fight 3 for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats to slaughter all those who stand in your way.


Pick your Favorite Weapon and Practice:
Your character’s moves change according to the weapon that he’s holding. So just find a weapon that suits your style of play and get lots of practice with it in the Dojo to familiarize yourself with your new move set. Of course, this advice can be applied to any new weapon you may unlock or buy. Once you do have a weapon you’re good within the practice mode, the next step is to test the weapon out in a duel.
 Wait for an Opening:
It’s always a great idea to wait for an opening to strike your enemy. The best thing to do is to block your enemy’s attacks and as soon as you see an opening, strike. Of course, do remember that your enemies can do the same so it’s always a good idea to stop while you’re ahead.
Play Survival or Tournaments:
If you’re a little low on coins and don’t want to spend real cash, the best way to earn coins is to play the survival mode or tournaments. Of course, do remember that playing survival mode will also help you level up your characters, which in turn might unlock upgrades that are rather expensive. For that refer to our next tip.

Prioritize your Upgrades:

It’s always a great idea to prioritize your weapon upgrades. You don’t have to buy every upgrade to dish out major damage against your enemy. Like for example if you’re bad with a certain weapon, it’s not a good idea to spend your hard earned cash on upgrading that certain weapon.
Time Cheat:
Like all games which limit your progress via time restrictions, you can use the infamous time cheat to encourage the game to help you with your progress. Just forward the time on your device to help yourself to extra energy, tournaments, duels etc.
Hope our simple Shadow Wars 3 for Android Tips, Tricks & Cheats will help you out in becoming a better warrior of the shadows and strike down anyone who dares to oppose you.

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